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About McLeods Windows

McLeod Story

About McLeod's HistoryOur Roots

McLeod Windows is a locally owned and family-run company that has been manufacturing high-quality doors and windows for 25 years. The McLeod family has been in the building supplies industry for almost 100 years.

The company traces its roots back to 1916 when William McLeod purchased a dry goods business in Spruce Grove, kicking off a group of building supply centres that, to this day, provide materials for contractors, builders and renovators in Edmonton and surrounding communities.

Our History

In the late 1980s, McLeod Home Building Centre established itself in the window business. McLeod anticipated PVC to be the window technology of the future and started assembling high-quality PVC windows on a small scale. This assembly shop developed a thriving business of its own, and the rest is history. Over the last 25 years, McLeod Windows has expanded four times.

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Today, McLeod Windows supplies windows and doors for Western Canadian contractors, renovators and builders, from a brand new manufacturing facility. McLeod proudly advertises our unique and innovative showroom, containing some of the highest quality window and door products available. Come into our showroom today and start your journey to building or renovating a beautiful home.

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