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Accents and Grills | McLeod Windows and Doors

Grill Designs & Simulated Divided Lites

Accents and Grills designs

Decorative accents and grills give you the freedom to dramatically change the look of your windows to match the architectural design of your home. Grills are available in our standard and customized colors. All grill colors are available in 5/16″ or 5/8″. We also have black or white Georgian grills that are available in 3/4″.

McLeod’s simulated divided lites provide a traditional and chic look for your home. They are available in four standard colors: white, black, bronze, and adobe, and come in a width of 1 ¼”. Custom colors are always available.

Creating different looks can be achieved with accents and grills along with simulated divided lite designs. Here are just a few of the many options for your home. Really, your design possibilities are endless.

Accents and Grills Options

Simulated Divided Lite colors: Adobe, Black, White, Bronze                    Narrow Grill Colors: Pewter, Gold, Chrome, Dark Oak, Brass
Georgian Grill colors: Black, White                                                               Wide Grill Colors: Light Oak, Black, White, Beige, Brushed Aluminum

Exterior Accents (Brickmoulds)

The exterior trim on your window not only structurally frames the window, but also brings a distinct and beautiful aesthetic to the outside of your retro-fit. McLeod’s exterior window accents, called brickmoulds, come in a variety of styles, widths and colors for all of your home renovation designs.

Accents and Grills Color Options

Brickmoulds Color Options: White, Black, Adobe, Brown

Accents and Grills Size Options

Brickmoulds Size Options