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Window Color Options | McLeod Windows and Doors

Window Colors

We have many color options and offer custom color-matching so you can find the perfect hue to suit your home. Our customizable options meet your design needs, from the most classic, to unpainted wood grain, to almost any color you envision.

McLeod offers a group of standard exterior colors, including white, adobe, black, and bronze. Our color-coated PVC features a smooth finish that resists abrasions, heavy impacts, weathering and extreme heat.

Standard & Popular Finish Colors

Window Color Options

Old World Blue, Light Green, Boysenberry, Summer Yellow

Window Color Options

Brick Red, Evergreen, Dark Brown, Champagne

Window Color Options

Bronze, Black, Adobe



Product Overview

Advanced Technology

  • Example HomePolyurethane Acrylate Coating
    • Superior Hardness & Weathering
    • Low Heat Build-Up
    • Zero VOC\’s (100% Solids)
  • Vacuum-Applied
    • Even Coverage
    • Efficient = Less Material Waste
  • UV-Cured
    • Extremely Durable
    • Faster Processing
    • Protective Tape Applied for Additional Surface Protection

Most Popular Colors

  • colorsAntique Bronze
  • Architectural Bronze
  • Hunter Green
  • Brick Red
  • Adobe
  • Black
  • Grey

Touch Up Solution is Available

  • Air Dry
  • Available in paint pens for foil wrap touch-up
  • Brush applicator for custom color coatings

Architectural Heat Reflective Coatings

McLeod Windows offers superior architectural heat reflective coatings for your windows, featuring:

  • Increased surface reflectance
  • Reduced surface heat build-up
  • Proven 2K polyurethane paint technology
  • Longer lifetimes for coatings through reduced temperature strain
  • Custom color service & fast processing times

Our heat reflective coatings meet AAMA 613-02 & 2604 test requirements for chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance. With superior durability, It is an excellent choice for matching OEM architectural structures or facades.

The McLeod heat reflective coatings pass the following tests:

  • Crosshatch Adhesion Dry, Wet & Boiling (100%)
  • Direct Impact Resistance (0.1 inch / 2.54 mm deformation – minor crack / no pick off)
  • HCl Resistance ((10%)15 minute spot – no blister or color change)
  • Mortar Resistance (24 hrs. surface contact – no adhesion or residue)
  • Detergent Resistance (72 hrs. immersion – no change or loss of adhesion)
  • Humidity Resistance (3000 hrs. 100% humidity – #8 blister size maximum)
  • Salt Spray Resistance (Scribed 3000 hrs. 5% solution min. – 7 on scribe)
  • Pencil Hardness (min. F)
  • Window Cleaner Resistance (24 hour spot test – no visual change)
  • Weathering (QUV 313 1000 hours -10% loss of gloss)

Color Heat Reflective Coating







McLeod Foil Color Options

McLeod Windows uses a high-quality foil to offer you superior color options. Features of the McLeod Windows foil include:

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Resistant to most halogens (excluding fluorine)
  • Easy to clean with standard household cleaning agents
  • Resistant to color fading

Download your copy of the McLeod foil specs sheet here.

Color Foil comparison chart