Why McLeod's? | Your Cometitive Advantage | McLeods Windows and Doors

McLeod Windows and Doors

1. Your Competitive Edge

Unlike other window dealers, we start with being flexible to your needs. We make it easy for builders and contractors to meet deadlines. Trust us to turn your order around fast and efficiently.

2. The McLeod Guarantee

We offer a lifetime limited warranty on all of our products. This means you and your clients can rest assured that your windows and doors are warranty protected.

3. The McLeod Advantage

We pride ourselves on taking care of you. Our focus is on helping you, help your clients. Need something else added to your order? McLeod will work to fulfill your needs no matter what.

4. Committed to Service

McLeod Windows and Doors delivers Quality You Can See. With superior products and service, McLeod ensures you have all the support you need.

The McLeod sales family is committed to serving you. Most of our salespeople come from the construction industry. They are former builders, renovators, and contractors, so they understand your challenges and know what you require to get the job done. Our first order of business is ensuring you have the best product in your hands, on time. It’s that simple.

“The customer service has been exceptional from the sales staff to the production staff, to the quality control staff and then to the final delivery staff. When problems arise, they are quick to resolve the problem and are genuinely concerned about the end result. I would highly recommend McLeod Windows for all windows and doors.”

You Dream It, We Build It. – Sean Eskow