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We are now a member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Edmonton Region Canadian Home Builders' Association

Edmonton Region Canadian Home Builders’ Association

We are very excited to announce that we have joined the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – Edmonton Region.  This organization is a keystone in the housing industry, leading the way on health and safety guidelines, skills-building, and acting as a strong voice on behalf of its members. We’re pleased to join the ranks of the other companies that make up this organization and look forward to being more involved.


Helping to Rebuild Southern Alberta

Partnering with a local contractor, McLeod Windows is offering replacement doors and windows at special pricing with quick delivery to residents of High River. This is a part of McLeod Windows’ commitment to supporting the community and being a good corporate citizen.

This promotion comes as a result of learning that many High River residents had their doors ruined by forced entry during evacuation of the community. This destruction was in combination with the devastation of the 2013 flood itself, in which thousands of homes, basements, and foundations were ruined.

The McLeod family has a history of helping build the Alberta community.  McLeod Hardware was one of the original hardware and supply stores in the Edmonton area. Since 1916, the family has been supporting the region’s construction and home-building industry. McLeod Windows has continued this tradition that was started by the McLeod family. This is just one more instance of the good work that McLeod Windows does in the community.

Images care of ‘Start to Finish’.

Image from a home in High River after the 2013 flood.

Image from a home in High River after the 2013 flood.


Many windows and doors were completely ruined in the flood and require replacement.

Ruined door in High River

Many doors, like the one above, require replacement after the flood.


Choosing The Right Glass for Your Home

Are you too hot in the summer and cold in the winter? Does your carpet fade? Are your energy bills too high? These are the concerns we most often hear from homeowners when they ask us about purchasing new windows. We hear you, the quality of windows can impact your lifestyle and home in many ways. So if the time has come to replace the windows in your home, here are some helpful points that will help guide your window selection.

Exterior of Home with Marvin Windows

The direction your home faces impacts the type of window you should purchase.

What to consider when you purchase a window:

Geographic Orientation. How many windows are facing East, West, North and South? Since the sun rises in the East, our homes see the most of hot midday sun on the East and South facades. North and West facing windows tend to lose a greater amount of heat through the glass.
Shading.  Overhanging awnings and landscaping can offer protection from the sun’s thermal radiation in the summer. In the winter, they can still allow the benefit of the solar heat gain when the sun’s orientation is lower on the horizon. This solar heat gain is free energy in those winter months, reducing the load on your heating system and saving you money on your energy bills.

Coating. There are two types of Low-E (Emissivity) that were developed to decrease the amount of ultraviolet light (causes interior materials to fade) and infrared light (heat energy).

Passive Low E (Hard Coat) – This type of coating is applied to the glass in its molten stage, so it becomes fused to the glass. It allows higher levels of solar heat gain but will reflect a good portion of the heat back into your home.

Solar Control Low E (Soft Coat) – Solar Control Low E coating is applied to the finished glass by a process called ‘sputtering’. This coating has superior solar control performance and is typically used for windows that are fully exposed to the East and South facing sun. It does have a slightly darker tint than Passive Low E coatings, as they have 2-3 layers of film applied to the glass. The final result, however, is full transparency.

90% of your window is made of glass.

You probably thought it was 100%, didn’t you? But the other 10% is actually made up of different glazing and coating that is used to provide the comfort and  efficiency you desire.

With these points in mind, it is important to speak with your architect, contractor or one of the window experts here at McLeod Windows. We’ll help ensure you get the best glass for your windows and doors.


Complimentary Low E Promotion – Extended!

We’ve extended our Low E promotion until April 30th! This means it isn’t too late to save on your window orders.

This promotion features complimentary:
Low E
SG 400 Low E
Solarban 60 Low E

Use this promotion on all PVC windows and Marvin Windows products To qualify, simply mark your order “Free Low E” when faxing, or advise us when phoning in your order. McLeod Window’s Winter Special is valid on all orders placed until April 30, 2013. Contact your salesperson for more details.


Window Tips: How to Drain Water

Tracking at bottom of window

Tracking at bottom of window

Here are a few simple steps on how to maintain the performance of your windows.

Windows, doors and skylights often have a simple drainage system that allows accumulated water to drain to the exterior of the building. Sometimes this is called a “weep” system.

To get the most out of this system, the drainage pathways must be kept clean and clear.

• Some products are designed with sloped sills to allow
the water to leave. It’s normal for water to accumulate
in the sill or track area with wind-driven rain.

• Keep sill or track areas clean of dirt or debris.

Cross-section of a window.

Cross-section of a window.

• Make sure that the outside and inside weepholes and
sill areas are kept clear of any  stucco, paint,
sealants, roofing cement or any other building materials.
Use a small, soft bottle brush or dry paint brush to clear

• If the weepholes contain drainage covers, called baffles,
they should move freely, to allow water drainage and help
reduce air infiltration. If the baffles do not move freely or
there is build-up of dirt and debris behind them, carefully
remove the baffle with a flat screw driver, flush the dirt
and debris and replace the baffle.

Come back often to to learn more window maintenance tips!


McLeod Window’s Annual Winter Special

Complimentary Low E glazing on all PVC windows and Marvin Windows products.
From now until March 31, 2013, when you purchase your windows, you can receive free Low E Glazing.

This includes:
Low E
SG 400 Low E
Solarban 60 Low E

To qualify, simply mark your order “Free Low E” when faxing, or advise us when phoning in your order. McLeod Window’s Winter Special is valid on all orders placed until March 31, 2013. Contact your salesperson for more details.