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Window Tips: How to Drain Water

Tracking at bottom of window

Tracking at bottom of window

Here are a few simple steps on how to maintain the performance of your windows.

Windows, doors and skylights often have a simple drainage system that allows accumulated water to drain to the exterior of the building. Sometimes this is called a “weep” system.

To get the most out of this system, the drainage pathways must be kept clean and clear.

• Some products are designed with sloped sills to allow
the water to leave. It’s normal for water to accumulate
in the sill or track area with wind-driven rain.

• Keep sill or track areas clean of dirt or debris.

Cross-section of a window.

Cross-section of a window.

• Make sure that the outside and inside weepholes and
sill areas are kept clear of any  stucco, paint,
sealants, roofing cement or any other building materials.
Use a small, soft bottle brush or dry paint brush to clear

• If the weepholes contain drainage covers, called baffles,
they should move freely, to allow water drainage and help
reduce air infiltration. If the baffles do not move freely or
there is build-up of dirt and debris behind them, carefully
remove the baffle with a flat screw driver, flush the dirt
and debris and replace the baffle.

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