Helping to Rebuild Southern Alberta


Helping to Rebuild Southern Alberta

Partnering with a local contractor, McLeod Windows is offering replacement doors and windows at special pricing with quick delivery to residents of High River. This is a part of McLeod Windows’ commitment to supporting the community and being a good corporate citizen.

This promotion comes as a result of learning that many High River residents had their doors ruined by forced entry during evacuation of the community. This destruction was in combination with the devastation of the 2013 flood itself, in which thousands of homes, basements, and foundations were ruined.

The McLeod family has a history of helping build the Alberta community.  McLeod Hardware was one of the original hardware and supply stores in the Edmonton area. Since 1916, the family has been supporting the region’s construction and home-building industry. McLeod Windows has continued this tradition that was started by the McLeod family. This is just one more instance of the good work that McLeod Windows does in the community.

Images care of ‘Start to Finish’.

Image from a home in High River after the 2013 flood.

Image from a home in High River after the 2013 flood.


Many windows and doors were completely ruined in the flood and require replacement.

Ruined door in High River

Many doors, like the one above, require replacement after the flood.

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