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Hopper & Awning Windows

Our awning window is the right choice when air circulation and ease-of-operation are your main concerns. Its scissor operation allows for maximum ventilation. On the outside, fusion welded vinyl construction withstands the harshest weather conditions and with an Estate or Heritage awning window, the inside is framed with beautiful Eastern Canadian pine. High performance weather-stripping and cam locking hardware are included, with the exception of the Supreme, which comes with a multi-point lock. Options include decorative grills and energy-saving glass features like LoE, LoE/Argon and Energlas®.

Awning Window Features

Awning Window | Edmonton | McLeod WindowsFeatures of each McLeod awning window include:

  • Fusion-welded sash and frame corners prevent leaks, add strength, and keep the window in square.
  • Concealed hinges and crank mechanism enhance appearance. Anti-corrosion coating on all major hardware components. Multi-point locking hardware is standard. Stainless steel hardware standard on Kohltech Supreme line and optional on Kohltech Select Lines.
  • Unique co-extruded weatherstrip provides a continuous barrier, even in sash corners.
  • Multi-chambered design adds insulation and strength.
  • Channel for overlapping screen pins. Optional no screen nib system on Kohltech Casement systems.
  • Full range interior and exterior trim options including Nail Fin, 1 ½” Brickmould with Nail Fin, 2″ Renovation Brickmould, 3-½” Brickmould/j-trim and nestable interior jamb extension.
  • Snap-in glazing bead makes it easy to replace glass from inside your home.
  • Internal screw bosses and extra walls ensure sturdy hardware attachment.
  • Ventilated glass chamber helps to prevent condensation.
  • Warm edge spacers standard on all products. Glazing options include Dual glazed, Triple glazed, Low Solar gain, High Solar gain and other special glazing options.

Awning Windows | McLeod Windows and Doors

Ease of Operation

McLeod casement and awning windows use the most heavy-duty operating and locking hardware available. Our standard roto-gears have a 33% reduction in required torque compared to competitors’ hardware and as a result opening and closing is a breeze. Our locking hardware provides a snug, weathertight seal, in addition to tamper-proof mechanisms, for increased security and peace of mind.