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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow windows are attractive additions to your home. Our floor-mount units create additional walking space, and the bench-mount units are perfect for sunny plant ledges or cozy seating areas.

Traditional bay windows are comprised of three window units that are joined together at a 45-degree angle while bow windows combine four or more window units to form an arc or bow. Bay windows tend to be the cheaper of the two choices because a bow window will tend to have two or three more window units than a bay window. Regardless of your choice in bay & bow windows, you’re gaurunteed to bring more light in and open up your living space.

You’ll love our Bay & Bow windowsBay & Bow Line Drawings

There are endless combinations of picture, fixed and operating windows. McLeod is happy to work with you to design your perfect bay or bow window to ensure a perfect fit for your renovation or new build.

Bay & Bow window designs can be combined with casement, picture, single-hung and awning windows.