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Decorative Glass

We offer a variety of decorative glass options and styles. Whether you’re looking for metal caming, sandblasted or coloured glass, our large array of decorative options will be sure to have the perfect aesthetic for your home. To see all options, please view the door brochures.

    • Elegant styles and superior performance. 
    • Combines metal caming and different glass types into beautiful patterns.
    • Offer the ideal blend of beauty and charm to make your home’s entrance possibilities a reality.
    • Rich glass texture and character. 
    • Enjoy abundant natural light and welcome people into your home with the warmth and subtle charm of a Classic Series door. 
    • Classic doors create a warm, open feeling while still offering the privacy and security that you need. 
    • Our Classic Series door glass comes in a variety of silkscreen, etched and sandblasted finishes that add delicate charm to any doorway.
    •  You can even choose a Classic internal blind door featuring maintenance-free, sealed internal blinds that allow you to easily control light and privacy.
exterior painted black single entrance door and two sets of casement windows

Traditional Glass

We offer a variety of visually enhancing glass options such as tint colors, obscure glass for privacy, and a variety of design options. Improve energy efficiency with glass glazing options best suited for your environment. 

View our Resources for tips on cleaning your windows and doors.

We have the following Glass Glazing Options:

    • Our base glazing and most economical choice.
    • Increased thermal performance by combining an LoE coating with argon gas filling.
    • Our most popular glazing option dramatically reduces heat loss and infiltration of harmful UV rays. It uses a warm edge spacer, one panel of LoE coated glass, and one cavity filled with argon gas.
    • Technology at its best. It is an ultra-high-performance, energy-efficient, triple-glazed system using warm edge silicone spacer, two panels of LoE coated glass, and two cavities filled with argon gas,
exterior painted black single entrance door and two sets of casement windows
glass tint and obscure options
glass tint and obscure options

Glass Tint Options

Choose to add decorative glass and embrace the natural light, select a tint colour or your choice of obscure glass to add privacy and character.

exterior view or amazing red windows and doors

Paint Colours & Stains

Our entrance systems are custom made, offering you an outstanding choice of distinctive colours and stains. Available on all doors & windows. Custom colours are also available.

exterior view or amazing red windows and doors
grille patterns
grille options

Grilles & Patterns

Grilles are a great way to add style and elegance to your doors. Create your own pattern, or choose from some of the most popular options.

grille patterns

Size Configurations

For more information on the various different door sizes and options we offer, download one of our brochures to read at your convenience.

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