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Window Hardware Options

Choose the handles, locks, and latches that best suit your windows and home decor. Most hardware can be upgraded to enhance security and improve the appearance of your windows. We also offer a wide variety of finish and style options. 

window hardware and handles
window lock options
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Glass Options

We have the following Glass Glazing Options:

    • Our base glazing and most economical choice.
    • Increased thermal performance by combining an LoE coating with argon gas filling between 2 panes of glass.
    • Our most popular glazing option dramatically reduces heat loss and infiltration of harmful UV rays. It uses a warm edge spacer, one panel of LoE coated glass and one cavity filled with argon gas between 2 panes of glass.
    • Technology at its best. It is an ultra-high-performance,
      energy-efficient, triple-glazed system using warm edge
      silicone spacer, two panels of LoE coated glass, and two
      cavities filled with argon gas between 3 panes of glass.
full home view with Amazing red painted exterior view of sliding patio door and two sets of double casement windows with grilles

Paint Colours

Designed to withstand anything the harsh climate can throw at them, our factory-applied coatings are available in a colour palette inspired by the beauty of nature. 

We offer over 30 stock paint color options and custom colour matching ability, we will help you find a color you  love.

full home view with Amazing red painted exterior view of sliding patio door and two sets of double casement windows with grilles
window brickmould or casing options

Brickmould Window Options

Choose your window perimeter style

The exterior trim, also known as brickmould or exterior casing, is the frame that goes around the exterior of your window. It conceals the gap between the exterior cladding and the window jamb and is available in any colour.

We also offer these brickmoulds cut out for J-trim for simple installation and a clean finish.

Grilles & Patterns

Grilles are a great way to add style and elegance to your windows. Create your own pattern, or choose from some of the most popular options.

grille options
grille patterns

Browse Our Gallery to view examples of our many window options.

Wide Wall

ICF-wide-wall systems are options for walls that have unusually wide frames. Walls of this sort require a unique combination of brickmould and jamb extension which we manufacture for window systems up to 12″ – 12 ¼” in total jamb width. 

Our design uses a single jamb extension. McLEOD wide-wall systems work on casement, awning, fixed, and most picture windows.

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