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McLeod Windows and Doors proudly offers a wide range of Kohltech Products. All our Kohltech products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Our Promise

Attention to detail and developing doors and windows that are long lasting is a pledge we make to every customer. To back that commitment, Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems takes every measure possible, and then some, to make sure you get the very best.

Ensuring an unbiased opinion is key. To guarantee impartial judgment, Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems sends its windows and entrance systems to be tested and certified by independent testing labs in both the United States and Canada. From these test results we are very pleased to report our windows meet or exceed published industry standards regulated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), ENERGY STAR, the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) and the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

We know that success involves much more than a superior product. That’s why we guarantee our hardware, window frames and sashes for a lifetime. Our dependable and secure insulated glass unit is also covered for up to a lifetime. Permafinished components are under warranty for 10 years.

Our vigorous product certification ensures our windows and doors meet or exceed CSA approved standards and are also NFRC and AAMA certified. Our in-house testing facility also ensures our products achieve benchmark performance ratings.

Kohltech Window Products WarrantyWarranties

Please note the warranty information listed is relative to our current products. For detailed information on your specific product warranty, please contact your local dealer or call 1-800-565-4396.

Kohltech, subject to the conditions and limitations following, warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defects. This warranty includes, when subjected to normal and proper use, peeling, flaking, blistering and rot, on the following products.

Kohltech Door Products WarrantyLimitations

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems is proud to offer a broad and comprehensive warranty. If any component of our windows or doors is found to be defective due to a manufacturing defect or due to a specific defective component during the warranty coverage period, Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems will repair, provide a suitable replacement, or refund the purchase price at Kohltech’s discretion.

In the event of product replacement within the terms of this warranty, the warranty of that product will remain in effect for the balance of the warranty period from the original date of purchase.

Labour costs incurred during replacement of the parts or products will be covered by Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems as per the respective labour coverage by product line.

In no event shall Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems be liable for incidental damages of any kind, including damage to persons, the building, building components or its contents.

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems will not be liable if the product has not been handled or stored properly, not been maintained and has not been properly operated leading to product damage.

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems will not be liable if the product is not installed properly. Installation instructions are included with each product sold and can also be found on our website at www.kohltech.com. This includes product being installed square, plumb, properly sealed, properly shimmed and flashed, drainage clear of debris and rough openings properly insulated. It also includes sufficient clearance being allowed for expansion and contraction of various building components in close proximity to the windows and doors.

Impact of foreign objects, fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, hurricane, hail, tornado or other acts of nature causing damage will not be covered.

Damage to the wall caused by movement, distortion, cracking or settling of such wall or foundation, will void warranty coverage.

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems will not be held liable for discoloration or other damage caused by exposure to harmful chemicals. Kohltech will not be liable for normal fading due to aging that will occur with non-painted and painted PVC, steel, wood or fiberglass product.

The warranty will be void if painted product venting holes designed to cool the vinyl profiles are framed in or covered in any way.

Kohltech will not be responsible for coatings including paint not applied at the factory by Kohltech. Also, if a part not coated at the factory by Kohltech is replaced for a defect other than coating, Kohltech will not be responsible for re-coating or re-painting costs of the part.

Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems product is not warranted against glass breakage, regardless of the reason or condensation resulting from humidity within the house or building area caused by changes in interior or exterior temperatures.

Any after-market product installed that could compromise the integrity of the window or door (i.e. window glass film, shutters and blinds) may void the warranty of that component. Kohltech will not be responsible to remove or re-install any aftermarket additions to the replaced product.

Screens, damaged or worn weather-stripping, door sweeps, door thresholds and rusty screws are not covered under warranty. Interior casings and rosettes are also not covered under warranty.

Normal wear of parts over prolonged usage are not covered under this warranty.

The Supreme, Heritage, Tilt & Turn, Select and Estate product warranties are applicable to the original homeowner. If the residence is transferred, refer to the respective warranty tables. It does not apply to windows or doors purchased for commercial use.

Other Conditions

This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other oral or written warranties, liabilities or obligations of Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems. No representative of Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems is authorized to make changes or modifications to this warranty.

Making a Warranty Claim

To obtain remedy under this warranty, it is the obligation of the homeowner to notify the Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems dealer, where the purchase was made, as soon as possible. The dealer shall inspect the problem and inform Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems in writing of any defect in a prompt manner. Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems will investigate the claim and examine the product deemed to be defective. This inspection will determine the need for replacement product or components and Kohltech Windows & Entrance Systems shall, within a reasonable period of time, provide the necessary replacement.

Hardware Care and Maintenance

Window and door hardware is expected to give trouble-free operation throughout the life of the product. All of the hardware is protected or enhanced by special coatings and lubricants. These protective coatings and lubricants can be damaged or removed by common household products.

Windows and doors are mechanical systems that need to be maintained. Moving parts need to be inspected for wear and cleaned and lubricated on an annual basis.

The following link will take you to a comprehensive guide of how to take care of your McLeod products, to converse appearance and smooth operation.

Maintenance Guide

Preventing Window Condensation

Window condensation is a frustration for homeowners, especially if their windows are new. Immediate thoughts are of mould, water damage, peeling paint and reduced energy savings. To help our customers prevent window condensation, we need to understand why condensation occurs and how to prevent it.

The following link will take you to a comprehensive guide on how to prevent window condensation, improving the longevity of your McLeod products.

Condensation Tips

Essential Information

To help Kohltech provide service on your newly purchased windows and doors, please record the following information:

  • Original Customer Name
  • Original Customer Address
  • Order Number
  • Delivery Date
  • Authorized Dealer